Mystic Peaks

This itinerary offers a complete experience from the lush greenery of the botanical garden to the historical and cultural vistas of Messina, ending with a delightful gastronomic stop

Departure: Largo Minutoli

  • Begin your tour by renting a scooter from Centro Moto GM at Largo Minutoli.

First Stop: Giardino Botanico dei Peloritani

  • Visit the Giardino Botanico dei Peloritani to explore the diverse endemic and native plants, be sure to finish before noon closure.

Second Stop: Puntal Ferraro

  • Continue to Puntal Ferraro for breathtaking city views, also to be visited before noon.

Lunch Break: Don Minico

  • Enjoy your tour with lunch at Don Minico, known for local specialties like Pane alla Disgraziata

Third Stop: Santuario della Madonna di Dinnammare

  • After lunch, head to the Santuario della Madonna di Dinnammare, perfect for stunning views over the Strait of Messina and the city.

Return to Largo Minutoli

  • Return to Largo Minutoli in the afternoon, enriched by natural and cultural beauties.

Practical Details:

  • Duration: About 4-5 hours.

  • Tips: Start early to visit sites with morning hour restrictions. Carry water, wear appropriate clothing, and don’t forget a camera.

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